Isnin, April 19, 2010

shawty keeps popping!

yeaahhh bebeh!
dats our tagline for Production..opps!! did i say production..? yeaahh,,,utk subject Film Studies,,ini laa group project utk final exam kami..weee,,all the student of broadcasting & Film intake Jan 2010 dibahagikan kpd 5group..n my group is d only gal group babe..walaawehhh~

so,,ahli kumpulan kami which is,,sir yg tetapkan ialah nana,kikie,finaz, ice & me,,sir choose me to be a director for dis group named.. Shawty Production not?? hehehehe,,thanx to kikie for such a cool name & ice for "short hair" idea..weeee,,me likey!

utk production laen..

Farul director utk K.M.P.Y Production,, 
Soul pulak director utk Philosophy Production
Rickee is director for Projeck Manook Production,  
Farah directopr bg Jejak Illusion production


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