Isnin, April 12, 2010

bff is a bullshit

bff is a bullshit..
everytime i said "ouwhh yeah,,she's my bff" ,,it wont last long..
i dun have many fwens in my life,,i love making fwens,,but good fwen? it come & go..
afraid of loosing people who care bout me,,i stop saying it..
it is hurt me so badly,,i care bout them more than myself, my family..
even my sisters sometime get jealous 'coz i treat my fwens better than them,,
since i was in high school,,i dun have much gud fwen to share anything with..
it kinda lonely,,
i am not a good girl,,or one pretty babe..
i am not a soft or sweet next door girl,,
i am me,,just being me..


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