Isnin, Mac 22, 2010

fer u~

hey miss-ter
i wanna hear ur voice,,
i wanna kiss ur lips,
i wanna look into ur eyes..
i wanna be touch,,
i wanna stand beside u,..
i wanna hold ur hand even for a second.. 
i wanna make a wish..
auhh i hope it can be true,, 
where's my shooting star..
where's my cherry pie
where's my lollipop
wish he can be sugar in my blood
wish he could swim and play in my vein
i hate when my anger is controlling me
i hate when my happy is away from me
im not fake
im not a plastic lover
im not gonna let his paper heart bleed
come with me
we move through the air 
and lets jump to our zone
together, we'll shine
u're my star
a blast to have around u all the time

syuha sazali

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